Trail Updates

Trail Updates

The latest trail updates for Mountains to Sea - Nga Ara Tuhono Cycle Trails, and other bike rides in the Ruapehu and Whanganui regions.

Welcome to a special part of the world full of stunning adventures.  Do take care and follow our be prepared information.

Mangapurua - OPEN | Note new construction underway

  • There will be a temporary closure on Tuesday/Wednesday 16/17 Feb 2021 for safety works.  The track will be closed from Bartrams Clearing to Bridge to Nowhere.  Please plan your trip accordingly.


  • New sections of track maybe muddy and slippery (especially after rain)
  • Instructions must be followed to walk bikes through designated areas with riders bike between them and the fall hazard.
  • Please encourage cyclists to err on the side of caution and ride within their ability (if in doubt, please dismount and walk)
  • The warm and dry weather also impacts the stability of bluff sections and could see fritter or debris come down and litter the track.
  • Do not linger along the bluff sections
  • If you choose to ride an e-bike - please ensure that you are able to manoeuvre this over and through obstacles (including narrow single bridges, down steps and onto jet boats) that may present themselves.  Caution should be taken when riding this trail.


Track Upgrades have commenced and are in progress over this Summer | Please note the following :

  • There may be delays of up to 30 minutes as contractors are working on the Mangapurua and Kaiwhakauka Tracks. Take care and follow all directions given by the work crew.
  • You'll need to dismount and walk your bike through the worksite when clearance is given. (Most of the site team are cyclists too - so they will get you on your journey as soon as it is safe for all)


Thank you for your courtesy on this - we all will benefit from a greatly improved track once the job is done!


  • Kaiwhakauka track is OPEN:

  • ALL riders please consider walking with your bikes between you and the fall hazard side through the first 4kms after the Whanganui National Park boundary gate. (This is the narrow single track section)   If you are unsure of any section – take a moment to dismount and walk. (the team are working on making this section safer and we are focused on ensuring riders have a great journey)


  • Be aware from time to time there maybe rocks caused by slipping along the road after heavy rain on the Whanganui River Road.


  • The new bridge opening at Upokongaro is OPEN (See news)