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The Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail will take your breath away.

From Tongariro National Park's volcanic grandeur to the magical wilderness of the Whanganui River and the untamed Tasman Sea coast – our bike rides will show you the sights, places and people that make our regions so special.

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Known in Maori as 'Ngā Ara Tūhono' our connected pathways will take you to new adventures in a remarkable part of the world.

The trail is one of 22 Great Rides of the New Zealand Cycle Trail, known in Maori as Nga Haerenga – 'the journeys'. True to the name, our trail network follows the pathways of those who've gone before, traversing a series of amazing landscapes to show you natural wonders and reveal important stories from the past.

Which ride is right for you?

The Mountains to Sea and other regional cycles trails have adventures to suit all – from beginners to advanced riders and everyone in between.

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