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Trail Status Updates

The latest trail status updates for Mountains to Sea - Ngā Ara Tūhono Trails, and other bike rides in the Ruapehu and Whanganui regions.

Welcome to a special part of the world full of stunning adventures.  Do take care and follow our be prepared information and our Frequently Asked Questions

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All sections of Mountains to Sea remain open but please make safe sensible decisions.

Mangapurua  - Open

Thanks to the hard work from Impel and Dept of Conservation.

The remediation of the track has included re-benching of Cody’s Bluff, the installation of a replacement bridge on the north of Battleship bluff, clearing of multiple slips, repairing of fences and the shaping of a number of bunds along the track.  Some fences have not been repaired yet, so temporary mesh fencing is in place.

The track is rideable (with care) along the entire length.   If you do come across a small number of debris - be sure to walk across with your bike on the outside (fall side).  Do let us know so we can clear and repair.

There are still some sections to be worked on that require care/advance warning:

  • Johnstons to Bartram’s is still rough in places with some slippery mud/water management issues.  The team are looking to tackle this over the next few weeks.

  • The grass and vegetation through Bennetts clearing is still to be completed – so expect to ride through some high grass – again the team have that in their work plan to tackle.

  • Expect some fritter (small amounts of rockfall/debris) along the bluff sections – this is geology at play.  As of yesterday, there was a small amount on Dusts Bluff.

 In total, the team estimate there is around 1km of track that is not quite at the standard we would like, but it is otherwise fantastic riding (especially when it is dry)

 If riders or walkers at any time spot something that needs work or presents a hazard, please report via our website form including the nearest kilometre marker), then we can get things sorted!  Don't forget to tell us what you think of it by filling out the trail survey too!  (QR code and link on the back of the maps available from all operators)

Papa country can be a challenge - discover more information here.

Check out our suggested alternative route options.

Please note the weather in the Mangapurua Valley may differ from this.

This link may give a more accurate forecast. Yr.No - Mangapurura

Kaiwhakauka | Slip reported

We have a reported slip on the track 3km from the National Park Boundary.  We are assessing this this over the weekend and into Monday (26/05/23)

The trail is riding well, and work is ongoing to upgrade the trail including the replacement of bridges and track re benching.  There are approximately 1.5kms of work still complete.

Depot Road from Blue Duck Station has had recent grading and shaping so it is in good condition for riding.  Despite this - the papa surface can become very sticky when it's wet.

From the Whanganui National Park Boundary, we advise ALL riders to please consider walking with your bike between you and the fall hazard side through marked sections (This is the narrow single-track section).  

If you are unsure of any section – take a moment to dismount and walk. The team are working on making this section safer and we are focused on ensuring riders have a great journey.  Temporary barriers have been installed to provide an advanced visual warning for walkers and cyclists of potential fall hazards.  These are not engineered to prevent a fall so please proceed with care.

Have an enjoyable ride through a gorgeous section of the world.

42 Traverse

This section of the Ruapehu riding experience is currently closed due to a massive landslide.  Please do not attempt to cross.

For further information please click through to the Dept of Conservation website.


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