Gathering at the Mangapurua Trig

Sunday’s ANZAC Day gathering in the Mangapurua Valley is a contender for NZ’s most remote commemoration. Wounded Gallipoli survivors were amongst the 71 returned WW1 soldiers that from 1917 took up land in the Mangapurua soldier settlement scheme. Many started families t...
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Concrete seems really strong and likely to last forever … but it can deteriorate. The large concrete Bridge to Nowhere requires attention to preserve it as a heritage feature long-term. This is like dental work: remove the plaque then find and fill the defects when th...
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The vision of truly connected pathways from Mountains (Tūroa) to the Tasman Sea (Whanganui) is set to become a reality thanks to the announcement by the Minister of Regional Development Shane Jones, that the Ruapehu sections to trails will receive $4.6 million in funding fr...
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